10 Performances That Could Save Upcoming Movies

Shining stars in the (potential) darkness.

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Hollywood is anything but predictable. Even when there's quality talent behind the camera and a budget to work with, you don't really have any guaranteed success. Maybe the creatives behind the projects have a vision that doesn't really mesh with the given material or audience expectations, leading to a disjointed final product that works with some, but not everyone.

This is where the on-camera talent come to save the day (if they can). In those moments where the script and/or director just aren't up-to-par, it's up to the cast to pick up the slack. Look at how last year's Venom still was consistently entertaining and successful despite a particularly bad script. It managed this feat because Tom Hardy was at its very foundation, hoisting it higher than it could've ever hoped to be with a perfectly-unrestrained performance.

Many of this year's movies have too many question marks to be sure things, but with the talented performers they've recruited in their respective casts, they've got a fighting chance no matter how the rest of the film pans out. This is why these Hollywood stars get the paychecks with multiple commas after all. They are the certainties in an industry full of uncertainty.

For this list, the examples that are included are mostly from high-profile projects with considerable hype and doubt behind them. Standing front and center among them though, are these stars that could help save each one of their particular projects if the movies themselves aren't up to snuff.

10. Maisie Williams - New Mutants

The New Mutants Maisie Williams

It's tough to think of a high-profile movie that has been as close to cancellation as New Mutants was. Outside of a single trailer over two years ago, there's been nothing about this movie but reports of constant reshoots and delayed release days. It was like it had been tossed into development hell after already finishing initial production with complete radio silence from everyone involved. Against all odds though, even if the Disney acquisition initially spelled doom for the project, it was confirmed for August this year.

But the question is, can NM recover? Much of the cast is made up of young talent that aren't household names quite yet, so it's tough to decipher who exactly will do more than blend among the crowd. Upon looking at the cast (and their respective characters), it's difficult to see anyone but Arya Stark herself Maisie Williams not being the primary standout of the bunch. Since the release date will follow the series finale of Game of Thrones, New Mutants can thrive from audiences wanting to see Williams flex her dramatic chops. There's also the fact that she's playing Wolfsbane to consider, which is a werewolf (but with the bonus of being able to control when/if they transform).

Williams is more than up to the task of being a scene stealer, and with a movie that'll likely need its fair share of support from its cast, New Mutants will surely benefit from her presence.

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