10 Performances That Could Save Upcoming Movies

9. Will Smith - Spies In Disguise


You know, if they had just played it straight, Spies in Disguise could've been something pretty special. Channeling the espionage Bond aesthetic with the over-the-top nature that animation allows seemed like a great fit, and Will Smith is the perfect leading man to take it all home.

Then you find out what the movie's real plot is and the whole idea's completely ruined. Instead of being a slick spy romp, it's a predictable and goofy plot that'll just end up focusing on less interesting components. That being said, it does seem Smith's character remains the film's true protagonist, and that may end up being its sole saving grace. Nobody on the cast is likely to be much help so it'll be up to him to scrape out any of this movie's remaining potential.

Whether it's playing up the wackiness or going for the more suave spy feel, Smith seems like he's nailing it based on the trailer. His great comedic timing and charisma can help make up for any shortcomings in the script and can help the overall viewing experience worthwhile, even if it ends up leading to an all-too-familiar character arc where he finds 'What's really important in life' etc.

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