10 Most Pirated Films Of 2013

9. The Hangover Part 3

Estimated Downloads: 6,900,000Worldwide Grosses: $351,000,072 It's not difficult to imagine why a large proportion of people decided to skip the third entry in the Hangover series - after the first Hangover proved to be a sleeper hit, an over-reliance on its winning formula meant that The Hangover Part 2 was thought of by most as a weaker retread of the first. For the third instalment, the decision was made to stray further from the formula, which may have been done with the best intentions but didn't yield the desired results. Critics noted that a change was perhaps the right decision but still found little to enjoy, and audiences seem to agree based on the much reduced box office returns when compared to Part 2. Perhaps the high rate of piracy is related to the scores of disappointed audiences who turned out for the second movie - contributing to its record-breaking numbers - and then felt unwilling to 'risk' paying to see the third.

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