10 Reasons Ghostbusters II Is Ridiculously Underrated

When did it become cool to hate on this one?

Ghostbusters II
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The chatter around the all-female reboot of Ghostbusters has been vocal, ugly and frankly, a little exhausting. Audiences can now make up their own minds about it free from all the noise, and – hopefully – they’ll find it to be a fun, breezy reimagining that respects the past but does its own thing.

They'll also find that Kate McKinnon is really awesome in it.

There’s no denying the reboot has had to weather some online hatred, but, strangely, when some fans were leaping to its defence they accused Ghostbusters II of sucking. This appears to be the general consensus amongst critics - and even Bill Murray - despite the fact it’s a lot of fun in its own right.

It was obviously never going to top the original and the freshness of the premise was gone, but the laughs and scares are there in abundance. So let's revisit this black sheep sequel, and point out some of the many things there are to love about it.

10. The Subway Scene Is Terrifying

Ghostbusters II
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The original Ghostbusters was a comedy it was also quite freaky in parts, with the library ghost or Dana's kitchen scene being creepier than all the Paranormal Activity movies combined.

Ghostbusters II kicked the horror up a notch and tried to find a balance between the comedy and scares. No scene illustrates this better than the team heading into the abandoned subway, and s*** gets creepy real fast. Winston plays around with echoes in the tunnel, only for the sound to drop and a demonic voice to reply.

Then they’re surrounded by visions of impaled heads, and if that wasn’t enough nightmare fuel, Winston has a head on encounter with a ghost train. This scene alone probably caused a few sleepless nights for younger kids; and maybe a few adults too.


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