10 Reasons Ghostbusters II Is Ridiculously Underrated

9. It Humanises Venkman

Ghostbusters II
Columbia Pictures

While we all love Peter Venkman – and Bill Murray, of course – there’s no denying the character is a bit of dick. He’s sleazy, rude and self-absorbed; hell, he’s introduced in the original shocking some poor teenager just to impress a female student.

Of course, he ends up falling for Dana and smartens up a bit, but by the start of Ghostbusters II, he’s even ruined that. She left him for someone else and had a baby, and only reluctantly accepts his help when she has no choice. In a move Murray probably insisted on, Venkman has matured since last time, and is determined to prove to his former lady he can be both a husband and a father.

It’s kind of sweet watching this former sleaze ball trying to prove he can change, and while his inner sarcastic douche is always beneath the surface it’s refreshing the film gave him a proper emotional arc instead of having him be a glib


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