10 Reasons James Bond Is A Terrible Spy

Did you hear that Britain employs a mentally ill, outdated, incompetent alcoholic as one of their top agents? Don't you think that's terrifying?

James Bond is the globe-trotting, babe-getting man we'd all like to be. Everything he does is dangerous and exciting; an adrenaline rush waiting around every corner. Who hasn't wanted to rappel down into a volcano lair, kill the evil genius and save the girl? Tuxedos, Martinis, gambling and car chases; it's clear that MGM knew what they were doing in bringing the character to the big screen. Everyone loves the Bond films €“ he's a sexy quip machine and pretty much everyone who's played him on screen has done a great job. After the success of Skyfall we're all waiting impatiently for the next instalment, and now we're back to the old MI6 office dynamic, things seem set to change. It's time for a reality check. The points above don't cover everything about our favourite Brit superspy. If you peel back the roguish veneer, you'll start to become aware of numerous flaws. Whether they are psychological or just down to a bad attitude, when you take the gloss of nostalgia away, Bond really isn't that good at his job. I'm here to point out why if MI6 existed they would be mad to hire such an unpredictable, insubordinate employee. Read on to find out the reasons why in reality James Bond would probably be the worst spy ever. Of course as we're looking back over the Bond franchise there will be SPOILERS.
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