10 Reasons The X-Men Films Should Completely Reboot

X-Men - Cyclops

2000€™s X-Men ushered in a new era of superheroes on screen. For the previous few years before that, mainly thanks to the release of Batman & Robin, major superhero blockbusters were instantly considered unfilmable. Production companies would opt out or make low budget straight-to-video movies instead. Today, there€™s a superhero movie out every month, and every major studio, director, and actor is clamoring for the next hot comic book property. X-Men deserves a lot of credit for starting all of that. But since 2000, we€™ve seen reboots of just about every other major superhero property. This includes two Spider-Man's, multiple Superman's, Catwoman, Punishers, three Hulks, and yet another new Batman on the way. Things have become pretty stale in the X-Men world, yet the same crew is returning for a seventh X-Men film due out next year. Continuing in this vein will make X-Men fans more mockable than Star Trek fans were before they got a reboot. With a healthy SPOILER WARNING, here are the reasons why they should completely reboot the X-Men movie franchise...

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