10 Reasons The X-Men Films Should Completely Reboot

10. A New Cast

new cast One of the great things about characters that last generations is the different actors that bring them to life. We can argue about who the best Batman is because he€™s been portrayed by a number of different people. The actors playing the current crop of X-Men are all fine actors that have done a great job with their characters, but is there really no one else who could do better? What if Eon productions decided to keep on a well-received Pierce Brosnan as James Bond and we never got to see Daniel Craig re-imagine the role in Casino Royale? The actors in the X-Men films are clinging to their roles despite playing the parts for over a decade. In the post credits scene of The Wolverine, it looked like Ian McKellan was fighting tears from being asked to stand without his walker, while Patrick Stewart looked a little too comfortable in his wheelchair despite being botoxed into expressionlessness. Again, they are legendary actors but an ensemble cast of big names does not necessarily make a successful movie. Look at New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day, Wild Hogs, or any other forgettable "let€™s get the band back together" films. The X-Men are mostly supposed to be young anyway - high school or college students, new teachers at their oldest. We shouldn€™t be thinking that Jean and Cyclops could be sending their own kids off to Xavier€™s School for Gifted Youngsters.

Adil Hussain has graduated from college and teaches preschool and wants to work in media entertainment and is gracious and good and loves pop tarts.