10 Rom-Coms That Will Help You Connect With The Ladies

9. Because I Said So (2007)

because I said so When attempting to find your way into a woman€™s life, you will find it best to have allies. Knowing her friends can result in obtaining crucial, secret information, such as favorite flavor of ice cream, or most traumatic life experience. Coworkers are great, too. If the people she interacts with every day root for you, that will indeed have a subconscious impact on your target€™s feelings. Without question, the greatest ally you can have is her mother. Diane Keaton and Mandy Moore demonstrate this in Because I Said So. No one else will have such an interest in your target, let alone the entitlement that enables her to meddle so thoroughly in her daughter€™s life. Remember, though, that you€™re playing with emotional fire. Develop too strong of a relationship with Mom, and it will be harder to eventually kick that girl to the curb.

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