10 Sequels To Classic Movies You Had No Idea Existed

Even Alan Smithee is embarrassed to have his name on The Birds II.

Sequels have become so ingrained in the popular culture now that it€™s hard to remember a time they were frowned upon. It used to be that directors and actors would want to move on to new projects, and in the rare case a film went on to spawn a series (e.g. The Planet Of The Apes) the sequels did about half the business of the original. Obviously, there€™s been a profound shift in that dynamic in the last 20 years or so. But even in the past movie business was still a business, so if studios though there was a chance to milk a bit more money out of a property, they gave it an honest try. The original film didn€™t leave room for more stories? The original cast isn€™t interested in returning? There€™s seemingly little appetite from the audience for more? Doesn't matter. Sometimes that gamble will pay off, but other times - like the entries on this list - they created something that was so bad or forgettable that they quickly disappeared from memory altogether. This list is a cautionary tale, reminding film producers with dollar signs in their eyes that sometimes it€™s best to leave well enough alone. It's good advice that the makers of this outcast bunch ignored, and the results speak for themselves.

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