10 Stephen King Movie Adaptations That Stephen King Hated

9. Dreamcatcher

Trev Murphy Shining
Warner Bros.

Dreamcatcher was the first book King wrote after his horrible road accident in 1999, and it was written mainly through a haze of painkillers. He’s since admitted the book is a mess for this reason, and he's not too fond of it.

This didn’t stop Warner Bros snapping up for a big budget feature, and they assembled an impressive cast for it, including Morgan Freeman, Damian Lewis, Tom Jane and Timothy Olyphant. Unfortunately, the whole enterprise was a disaster of conflicting tones, horrible CGI monsters that are literally pieces of s*** and jaw-droppingly poor ending.

Weirdly enough, King seemed to give the impression he liked Dreamcatcher during an interview for the DVD, but has since conceded it’s terrible, bluntly calling it a “train wreck” in a 2007 interview with Time.


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