10 Stunts That Went Wrong In James Bond Films

1. Shark Tank - Thunderball


The final entry of the list is the most memorable of misfired stunts in the Bond franchise due to its fascinating "too strange to be true" backstory and the fact that it helped create one of the greatest scenes in Bond history. The simply amazing story is one that the cast and crew look back on with a smile now, but it very nearly resulted in the death of Sean Connery.

As told in 'The Making of Thunderball' documentary, a scene was planned(although clearly not too well) for Connery to swim through a pool filled with actual sharks. Connery, followed by a cameraman, was to open a hatch that would lead to a secondary pool, where some sharks would be waiting for him on the other side. The idea was that the sharks would be on one side of a piece of perplex glass with Connery and the cameraman safely on the other side.

Unfortunately the props team couldn't find a length of perplex glass long enough, but this didn't stop them making the incredible decision to go ahead with what they had. Not surprisingly, the sharks managed to easily slip under the glass and headed through the tunnel linking both pools.

When, as planned, Connery opened the hatch, he received a mighty shock when a shark swam right by him. The sheer terror on Connery's face makes the scene feel incredibly realistic, which it would, because the reaction was authentic.

That wasn't the end of the drama for Connery and the cameraman, who quickly proceeded through the tunnel to get 'safety' in the secondary pool. As Connery swam as quickly as he could, he was confronted by yet another shark heading towards him. Fortunately there was just enough room for the shark to get by as the horrified lead man watched on. Both swimmers managed to exit safely from the pool, while a justifiably furious Connery demanded answers.

It may have been an experience Connery would rather forget, but it did result in one of the truly memorable scenes in the Bond franchise!

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