10 Stupid Movie Villain Plans That Make NO Sense

8. Thanos - Avengers: Infinity War

Resident Evil Afterlife

For the longest time, the Marvel Cinematic Universe was criticised for its "villain problem". No matter how good the movies were, the baddies were usually one-dimensional and generic.

So, when Earth's mightiest heroes battled Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War, viewers were impressed to see a foe whose evil plan had a hint of rationality. Since Thanos' people were rendered extinct due to overpopulation, he desired to use The Infinity Gauntlet's power to wipe out half the population of every planet in the universe. Although this act would be considered genocide, it would automatically double the resources of every civilisation, allowing the survivors to thrive.

When Thanos explains his plan, everyone criticises how barbaric it sounds. However, nobody points out how his plan is destined to fail. If the Infinity Gauntlet eradicates half of all life, it would also destroy 50% of all livestock and vegetation. Coupled with the fact that the death of billions would decimate any civilisation beyond repair, the Mad Titan's plan seems a bit... mad. Although this sort of reasoning wouldn't have changed Thanos' mind, it's perplexing how nobody challenged his intentions with simple logic.


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