10 Surprisingly Good Performances In Terrible Comic Book Movies

1. Mark Strong In Green Lantern

Green Lantern Mark Strong Sinestro
Warner Bros.

Another Ryan Reynolds venture, another garbage pile. What made Reynolds perfect for Deadpool made him all kinds of wrong for Hal Jordan. Sure, they're both witty and a bit annoying but Hal Jordan is more of a lovable rogue whereas Deadpool is mostly just a likeable bad-guy.

Anyway, we aren't here to talk about Reynolds, we have gathered to this page to discuss another wasted opportunity: Mark Strong as the thorn in the Hal Jordan's side, Sinestro. Strong is a phenomenal actor and true thespian elevating any material laid out in front of him, even material as misjudged and poorly written as Green Lantern.

His numerous speeches and teachings as he plays Mr Miyagi to Reynolds' Hal Jordan are filled with so much gravitas that when he is on screen you forget you are watching a terrible movie and instead you get a glimpse of what could have been if everything else matched up to Strong's performance.

Another case of missed opportunity as this is most likely the only time we will be able to see Mark Strong with a giant purple head, but as comic book movie villains go Strong had the potential to be the best.


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