10 Surprisingly Good Performances In Terrible Comic Book Movies

2. Chris Evans & Michael Chiklis In Fantastic Four

Green Lantern Mark Strong Sinestro
20th Century Fox

Referring to the track record so far, it is seemingly impossible to make a good Fantastic Four movie. The first one and its cloud monster sequel are bad, the hilariously cheap one from the nineties is bad and the most recent Fant- four-stic from last year is really bad. They cannot nail down the family adventure/superhero fare that this franchise needs to be so please just give up now because it is over. Or give it to Marvel studios.

As eye-achingly terrible as Fantastic Four and the sequel are, we do at least get to see a well cast duo in Chris Evans and Michael 'The Shield' Chiklis as Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm respectively. The other two parts of the fantastic team are pretty lacklustre, but these two are not only enjoyably faithful interpretations of their source material, but the interplay between them is a joy. In fact it is the only joy to come out of these movies, period.

Evans' Johnny Storm is a cocky, irritating frat-boy but still manages to be likeable and Chiklis' The Thing is a gruff, no-nonsense, moody ball of terrible costume and yet manages to put forward a performance that works as the emotional centre. Both actors should be commended for achieving something so enjoyable from such a shambles.

They still can't seem to make a good Fantastic 4 movie, but at the very least we can crack a smile at the thought that fifty percent of the team transitioned well from page to screen.


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