10 Surprisingly Good Performances In Terrible Comic Book Movies

3. Ryan Reynolds In X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Green Lantern Mark Strong Sinestro
20th Century Fox

Before you say it, yes X-Men Origins: Wolverine butchered Deadpool faster than the man himself butchers a chimichanga but Reynolds' performance as Wade Wilson in the first half of the movie was his demo-reel for the character. A fan favourite for a long time, everyone was sure he was perfect and this cemented it.

What makes Reynolds irritating in some of his roles, the constant talking, the air of arrogance and the seeming inability to not quip and jibe make him perfect for Deadpool and if you take a power drill to your DVD player before he appears as the silenced, lazer-beam shooting version it's undeniable how perfect his portrayal is.

Of course this lead to the entertaining and refreshingly profitable R-rated version of the character we got this Summer and apart from the leaked test footage we have X-Men Origins: Wolverine to thank. Don't tell Fox studios that though because they might think they did a good job...


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