10 Surprisingly Violent Deaths In Family Friendly Movies

Someone's heart getting ripped out? What a wholesome family adventure!

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It's no secret that family movies contain a lot of death, from Bambi's mother being shot to Syndrome being shredded by a jet turbine. Usually though, the violence is concealed via the magic of filmmaking, or it's simply implied.

But sometimes, it's neither.

Because of the subjective nature of censorship, weirdly violent moments can often trickle into movies aimed at children, families, or general audiences, giving an otherwise harmless romp a

There's no shortage of them either, and whether they haunted your childhood or caused you to raise an eyebrow at the cinema screen, you probably noticed them.

Here are ten surprisingly violent deaths in movies that, due to their ratings, the whole family can watch...

10. Quirrell (Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone)

Tarzan Clayton
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Current BBFC Rating: PG (same in cinemas).

Cause of Death: Burnt and turned into rock.

It's a Harry Potter tradition for the Defence Against The Dark Arts teacher to last only a single year, and across the entire film saga, Quirrell suffered what was arguably the worst fate of the bunch.

After revealing that Voldemort resides on the back of his head, Quirrell is ordered to kill Harry and retrieve the titular stone from the boy's grip. Sounds easy, right? A fully-grown wizard should be able to overpower a fledgling first-year.


While prising Quirrel's hand from his throat, Harry discovers he has the power to... burn his enemy's skin and turn him into rock? Alright.

The Boy Who Lived then proceeds to grab his assailant by the face, and Quirrell's mortified cries of agony as he simultaneously suffers a severe burning pain and crumbles into dust pierce the audio track like a knife.

Forbidden Forest aside, the first Potter flick was light and whimsical up to this point (aided by a playful John Williams score), but all this vanished here, and the fact that Harry is scarily ok with inflicting this much pain only amplifies the darkness of the moment.


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