10 Surprisingly Violent Deaths In Family Friendly Movies

9. Clayton (Tarzan)

Tarzan Clayton

Current BBFC Rating: U (same in cinemas).

Cause of Death: Hung by a vine.

Tarzan is a harmless family animation that's packed full of great adventure and solid humour, which makes this particular moment all the more jarring.

It's Clayton's lust for hunting that ultimately kills him, as seen when he gives chase to Tarzan during the film's finale. Eventually, the villain finds himself wrapped up in a bunch of hanging vines, and proceeds to quickly chop them away.

Only... those were the only things stopping him from falling. As he chops the final few, his one support vanishes and he tumbles downward, caught by a single solitary vine hung round his neck that quickly tightens as he falls.

To make matters even more gruesome, we see the shadow of Clayton's hanging corpse as the lightning flickers. It's a grim sight for a film with a U rating, and the way Clayton's scream ends as the vine snaps into place doesn't leave much to the imagination.

Disney villain deaths are usually less showy than this (Gaston and Frollo just fall, for example), but Tarzan went the extra mile when it came to the grisly detail, and that's what made it surprising.


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