10 Things You Didn't Know About The Marvel Cinematic Universe

10. Samuel L. Jackson Is Still Working Through An Insane Nine-Picture Deal With Marvel

There's a running gag regarding Samuel L. Jackson and the fact that "he's in everything," because - let's face it - he actually is. Said gag is only cemented by the fact that Jackson, who has appeared in almost every MCU venture to date, originally signed a contract to appear in a whopping nine movies as Nick Fury, one of which could - at some point in the not too distant future - become a solo outing for the iconic actor. Which he'd no doubt love, of course (and our fingers are certainly crossed that it actually happens). Anyway, Jackson popping up in the MCU flicks has become a keen staple of the franchise, almost to the point of parody (though we don't mind that, really). Still, the fact that Jackson signed up for so many flicks at the dawn of the MCU proves that he had faith in its future - and he still has four contracted appearances to go!

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