10 Things That Will Never Happen In The DC Cinematic Universe

9. Lex Luthor's Big Green Suit

Green Lantern yellow
Warner Bros.

Speaking of goofy robot suits, Lex Luthor has often toyed with being a physical threat to Superman by clambering into one. Usually he's the intellectual enemy orchestrating events that aim to bring the Man Of Steel down, but sometimes he just needs to strap himself into mechanical suit of armour - which is bright green and purple - and punch his nemesis right in the face.

The Silver Age was not a good time for stylish costume designs. In the DC Cinematic Universe, Luthor made his first appearance in Batman V Superman, with Jesse Eisenberg sporting an impressive head of hair for a diabolical supervillain more traditionally known for his chrome dome.

Still, since the Dark Knight has his own metal suit and is ready to trade fisticuffs with Superman, Eisenberg's Lex is probably unlikely to put together that classic, eye-burning ensemble should he ever return to our screens. It would also be a bit of a left-turn in terms of the DCCU's aesthetic, which is mainly one painted in dark, ominous colours instead of highlighter shades.


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