10 Things We Learned From Thor: Love And Thunder Trailer

9. Valkyrie Is Not Enjoying Her Job As King

Thor Love And Thunder
Marvel Studios

Poor old Valkyrie. She started out as a mighty warrior sent to combat the greatest evil in all the nine realms, then became a disillusioned drunkard after watching her comrades get butchered, then found a new lease of life after joining Thor, before becoming reduced to a suit-wearing bureaucrat.

At the conclusion of Endgame, after relinquishing his rule of New Asgard, Thor nominates Valkyrie as his successor. While the latter accepts her new duty, if the last trailer is anything to go by, she doesn’t seem to be having a very good time of it.

Here we see a suited-up Valkyrie wearing the kind of frustration you would expect from a common man trying to file tax returns. There was also a hint here, based on what little we saw of New Asgard, that the home of the Norse legends had been converted into some kind of tourist spot. And going from slaying space monsters to having to devise tourism policies would have anyone hating their own existence.


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