10 Things You Didn't Know About Amanda Seyfried

10. She Used To Model On Teen Novel Covers

It's not exactly surprising to learn that Amanda Seyfried started modelling at the ripe old age of 11, and one of her first jobs as said model - quite hilarious in retrospect, when you think about it - was as a girl on the cover of several Francine Pascal books (three, in fact). Francine Pascal is best known for her famous Sweet Valley High teen novels, of course (which spawned a hit TV series) but the books whose covers Amanda appeared on were titled "My First Love & Other Disasters," "Love & Betrayal & Hold The Mayo," (WTF?) and "My Mother Was Never A Kid" (great titles, those). Just look at her. Rather adorable, huh? And who knew, looking at these books, that the kid on the cover would go onto such huge things?

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