10 Time Travel Movies To See Before You Die

10. Primer

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Whether being used in physics lectures to get undergrads psyched for quantum mechanics, or having its virtues extolled by hipster film buffs over a schooner of double-dandelion hop reduction, Primer (and its nigh-incomprehensible plot) has been the talk of the time travel town since its release.

The film follows two engineers who accidentally discover time travel in their garage. After using their machine to secure financial gain, the pair become increasingly divided and obsessed over the its uses, possibilities and dark consequences.

No matter what, it cannot be denied that Primer has a depth and complexity when it comes to time travel that few other films have broached. In fact, if this list were purely concerned with the most realistic and detailed representation of time travel, it would surely be number one.

But Primer's lack of lack of narrative clarity or cinematic prowess earn it something only a little higher than an honourable mention.

To its detriment, the film banks everything on realism, with an almost obnoxious disregard for its audience - somehow forgetting in all its cleverness that, without an audience, there is no film.

This is definitely one to see - several times over - but don't expect philosophical insight, artistic revelation or jaw-dropping spectacle.

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