10 Times Actors And Directors Disagreed On Their Film's Story

9. Harrison Ford And Ridley Scott - Blade Runner

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We've already covered one infamous Harrison Ford/director disagreement, but the actor had his fair share of issues with Ridley Scott’s perception of his iconic character in the dystopic sci-fi classic Blade Runner too. The director was intrigued by the idea that Rick Deckard was unaware of his true nature as a Replicant but Ford insisted on having the protagonist be human.

Unfortunately for Ford, Scott started including clues in the film to suggest that Deckard was indeed an artificial human (such as the infamous origami unicorn). It did not help matters that Scott was not exactly the most welcoming presence on set and drew the ire of various crew members who on more than one occasion expressed their frustrations with the director.

Years after the film’s release, Scott and Ford still do not see eye-to-eye regarding Deckard’s true nature and its 2017 sequel adds fuel to the flames of ambiguity. The fact that the film has eight different edits is indicative of how vague and uncertain its events truly are.


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