10 Times Actors Thought They Were Fired For Sure

9. Jamie Lee Curtis - Halloween

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Long before she became synonymous with John Carpenter's iconic slasher and arguably the greatest scream queen of all time, there was a moment when it seemed as though a young Jamie Lee Curtis' role in 1978's Halloween was on very thin ice...

In her eyes, at least.

As the actor herself confessed many years after shooting the legendary feature, Curtis thought she was about to be given the horror heave-ho after only her first day as part of the production. This was due to the fact that her phone began to ring once she'd made it back to her apartment, with Carpenter himself the person calling.

Curtis has since admitted that the minute she was informed that the director was on the line she feared this was to be a termination conversation. After all, she'd heard many a story about actors being given their marching orders after a bad first day on the job.

Instead of this, however, Carpenter simply said, "Hey darling, it’s John. I just want to tell you I thought today went great. I‘m so happy."

All that worrying for nothing...


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