10 Tips To Land The Girl Of Your Dreams (As Suggested By The Movies)

10. Fight Club

Be aloof. Be distant. Hell, completely ignore the girl of your dreams and go bat s**t crazy if you like, if it worked for The Narrator in Fight CLub with Marla there's no reason to think it can't work for you. Whilst responding to a text in a timely manner is appreciated don't let her think you're at her beck and call ALL the time. Straddle the line between being rudely uncommunicative and available 24/7 like a puppy dog. Go out, turn off your phone, have a night out with the boys, whatever it takes. You have to give her a chance to miss you before she can start to pine and if you've played your cards right, pine she will. Rubber gloves optional. Screen Shot 2013 10 12 At 20 44 12

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