10 Unbelievable Origins Of Iconic Star Wars Sound Effects

9. TIE Fighter - Elephants And Cars In The Rain

The Sound Effect: The one-man fighters of the Empire, TIE fighters are one of the more fully-futuristic spaceship designs in the original film, bearing little resemblance to any real-world machine. With a small pod-like cockpit surrounded by two solar panel wings, they€™re a devilishly simple design clearly intended for non-atmospheric use, where wind resistance isn€™t a thing. Multiple variations pop-up across the trilogy, probably developed once the rebels realised the wings were an easy target. One constant between versions is the twin ion engine (hence the name), evidenced by that eery screech. The Strange Origin: The TIE fighters have the most memorable sound out of any of the spaceships, always bringing with it dread for the heroes and excitement for the audience as we enter another space battle. As for what that screech is, it's mix of a car driving on wet road and an elephant scream.
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