10 Underrated Animated Movies That Deserve A Second Chance

3. The Princess And The Frog

Tintin Movie

Disney's last-ever hand-drawn movie, The Princess and the Frog released in 2009 and featured the first-ever black princess. Distinctions aside, this movie was a wonderful tale set in New Orleans that evoked golden-era Disney.

So how could it possibly be underrated I hear you cry from your throne! Well, the movie made its budget back but failed to set the world on fire. For context, a couple of years later Walt Disney Animation released Tangled, and that movie was hugely popular and is still relevant today.

The Princess and the Frog however, seemingly failed to resonate with audiences and there is no real good answer why. It also lost the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature that year to Pixar's Up, which is fair by all accounts.

The Princess and the Frog tells a classic Disney tale of a lower-class girl being picked from obscurity by magical forces. It deviates from that cliched storytelling by subverting expectations; the Prince is turned into a frog and needs a kiss from the one he loves, however Tiana's kiss turns her into a frog as well! That's why this is one of Disney's best movies; it's like a true golden-era feature with a modern disposition.


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