10 Underrated Films From Great Directors

9. Christopher Nolan - Insomnia

The Lobster movie poster
Warner Bros. Pictures

A contemporary thriller from director Christopher Nolan that is straightforward in its execution and uncomplicated in its narrative. Nolan has a reputation for playing with time in his films and experimenting with convoluted storytelling but there is none of that here.

After a Los Angeles detective, played by Al Pacino, is tasked with going to an Alaskan town were the sun never sets to solve the murder of a teenage girl, he begins to struggle with his inability to sleep while dealing with the case. Pacino's continuing exhaustion is infectious as his sleep deprivation becomes a larger obstacle than the killer himself played by Robin Williams.

Williams is the real standout here, starring in one of the few serious roles of his career, he manages to be surprisingly physical and even intimidating at times. The role is a great showcase for the kind of extensive range the late actor was capable of.

Despite the two popular leads, Insomnia did not receive the same critical reception as other Nolan films and it has also failed to achieve cult status compared to something like The Prestige. It may not be a mind bending adventure but it is still an example of a filmmaker at the top of his game.


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