10 Unintentionally Hilarious Moments In The Matrix Franchise

7. The Merovingian's Cake - The Matrix Reloaded

The Matrix
Warner Bros.

Should we laugh at this?

At its core, this is a disturbing scene on many levels and in 2022 hindsight it's very problematic to watch. But if there is an absurd way for a character in a film to present their omnipresence and power, it has to be this one.

The Merovingian is the most cartoonish caricature in the Matrix Franchise, and while his entire existence might be something to laugh at from beginning to end, the scene in which he explains cause-and-effect whilst lingering his gaze on a beautiful woman eating a chocolate torte is diabolical once you understand what is happening.

The chocolate torte is laced with an aphrodisiac-like code, that once eaten makes the diner feel a tingling sensation that ultimately leads to... an orgasm. Yes, if you want to make your partner feel all the best feelings, just give them a slice of chocolate fudge cake and call it a day.

The scene is supposed to reflect The Merovingian's devilish powers, intellect and charisma - but instead he comes off as a lower-tier James Bond villain (possibly bolstered by his absurdly animated French accent).

To make matters worse, Morpheus, Neo and Trinity watch this unfold with the same unimpressed expressions they might save for when Link does his tight-five set in Zion. Not even a twitch of horror as they consider the malice of their new antagonist.

Sorry Merovingian, but if the heroes aren't impressed, we're definitely laughing.


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