10 Unintentionally Hilarious Moments In The Matrix Franchise

6. Free Your Mind/"Whoa..." - The Matrix

The Matrix
Warner Bros.

Keanu Reeves is the treasure of the internet, and if I live a thousand years I won't have a bad word said about him. But he's also a little plain at times.

There were times in The Matrix that called for a vacant, shrill voice - unknowing and unsure, all a person can do is process the information Morpheus or The Oracle reveals. There had been times when it was necessary for urgency and danger - like when Neo was out of bullets trying to hit an Agent and he calls for Trinity to help him.

Then there are the moments of disbelief and wonder...

It would be difficult to convey surprise when watching someone leap off a rooftop and land three hundred yards away on top of another building. And maybe all you can do is utter an Owen Wilson "wow" or the Keanu Reeves' "whoa". But the teenager-like reaction of Neo seeing Morpheus proudly say "Free your mind" and jump into the far distance is beyond hilarity.

The reaction takes something of an adult glisten off Neo. Keanu Reeves' age in this sequence went from thirty-five to twenty-five as we hear a little bit of Ted Logan in his voice. Maybe that's how Keanu has stayed so young over the years?

Overall though, it's not the scene itself but the reaction that can take us out the moment. And while the intentionally hilarious moment of Neo jumping off the edge and splatting on the road like Wylie Coyote follows soon after, it's this moment beforehand that gets the bigger laughs.


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