10 Unlikely Movie Team-Ups You Completely Forgot Happened

8. A Shot At Glory - Ally McCoist/Robert Duvall

bad company
Lions Gate

Frankly, Ally McCoist taking a lead role opposite just about anyone would be bizarre. The Rangers legend is as charming as it gets on commentary, but to take a starring part in a film seems a stretch too far for the striker.

His partnership with Robert Duvall in 2002’s A Shot At Glory, then, is bizarre for a couple of reasons. Firstly: it just is. Coisty, evidently at a loose end between his playing days and his managerial career, is the last person you’d expect to see, even in a film about Scottish football.

What’s weirder: he acts Duvall off the screen. Granted, the American lumbers himself with a dreadful Glasgow accent that hampers his performance, but McCoist is simply magnetic in this uplifting sports story about a small town and its team’s struggles to keep things together.

Playing an aging forward was right in Ally’s wheelhouse, but there can be few footballers of his level who’d even give this a go, let alone do such a great job. McCoist is yet to dip his toe back into thespian waters, but if he can find a similarly suitable role, it would be a strange thrill to see him take another shot.


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