10 Upcoming Movie Twists Everyone's (Probably) Already Guessed

2. The Daughter Is The REAL Serial Killer - Trap

Trap Josh Hartnett

M. Night Shyamalan's new thriller Trap revolves around Cooper (Josh Hartnett), a man who attends a pop music concert with his daughter Riley (Ariel Donoghue), only to discover that the concert is actually a trap laid by the police to catch a serial killer known as The Butcher.

The trailer appears to reveal that Cooper himself is the Butcher, and will spend the movie attempting to escape the concert venue while avoiding detection, enough that many complained that the trailer simply gave Shyamalan's latest big twist away for no reason at all.

Except, this is very clearly the premise of the entire movie, and it's fair to assume that Shyamalan has a real rug-pull in store for viewers later in the movie.

And what could be more thoroughly on-brand for the filmmaker than revealing that the serial killer is actually Riley, and Cooper is really spending the film trying to help cover his daughter's tracks? 

Perhaps it's a plausible enough twist that Shyamalan simply wants us to believe that this is the case, and he'll come up with something else entirely. But for now, it's by far the most popular theory doing the rounds online.

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