10 VHS Tapes That Totally Lied To You

9. Street Fighter (1994)

Masters Of The Universe
Sony Pictures

It’s 1994, ‘Street Fighter II’ has been in the arcades and available on consoles for a while, you see a trailer on TV for the upcoming ‘Street Fighter’ movie.

You see Guile is the main character; you’d think it would be Ryu, but never mind, all is forgiven when you see who is playing Guile. That would be the high-kicking action superstar Jean-Claude Van Damme, who just the year before had starred in the acclaimed ‘Hard Target’. You’ve avoided spoilers (easier to do in 1994), you’ve seen it was a box office success (no, really), and the day has finally come when you can get to the video shop and rent the movie.

Then, it is time to watch…

Somehow, Steven E. de Souza, the writer of ‘The Running Man’ and ‘Die Hard’, has brought you a crushing disappointment. A combination of Van Damme’s behaviour during production (alleged substance abuse and out-of-control ego, according to people on set), the strange addition of Kylie Minogue, the PG-13 rating, the re-shoots and deadline pressure all combined to make ‘Street Fighter’ a disaster.


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