10 Weirdest Cameos In Spider-Man Movies

4. Joel McHale (Spider-Man 2)

Spider-Man 2 Joel McHale
Sony Pictures Releasing

If you rewatch Spider-Man 2 any time soon, you'll likely be shocked to see that Community star Joel McHale has a small role in the film as the condescending bank employee who turns down Aunt May (Rosemary Harris) for a loan, moments before Doc Ock decides to rob the place.

Hilariously, McHale's character quips that Peter is a "real hero" after witnessing him appear to flee the scene, and gets scolded by Aunt May moments later when he tries to steal one of the stray coins strewn across the bank floor during Doc Ock and Spidey's battle.

This was in fact McHale's first-ever movie role, and perhaps even stranger than McHale's actual presence is the fact that he somehow looks older here than he does today. It must be the suit and haircut, right?


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