10 Weirdest Films In The IMDb Top 250

Who put that there?

For what is supposed to be a list outlining the greatest and most popular movies ever made - and there is a difference - the IMDb Top 250 is a funny ol' thing. Though it certainly does a stand-up job of identifying some of the most mainstream "classics" of the cinematic medium (The Godfather, for example) and has a huge bias on recent movie as opposed to old ones (Inception makes it, Manhattan doesn't), it's lacking something akin to a true logic factor. And that's because nobody really knows how, exactly, the IMDb Top 250 works; yes, it's a list generated by users of the site itself, but the rules aren't clear. Not everybody's vote counts, for instance, and the algorithm that defines who gets to influence the list and why has never been made available to the public. That's all part of the mystery, of course, though the system - enigmatic as it is - has allowed for some really unlikely and strange entries. Like, super weird entries whose inclusions you really have to question; movies that wouldn't hold a place in any other list of prestigious films in a million years. Movies that just seem totally at odds in any list of 250 recommend motion pictures. Movies like...

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