10 Worst CGI Effects In Sci-Fi Movies

9. The Matrix Reloaded - Neo Vs The Army Of Agent Smiths

The Matrix Reloaded
Warner Bros.

There's a reason the first Matrix (1999) walked away with an Academy Award for Best Visual Effects.

Neo's bullet dodging scene still stands as one of the finest special effect moments of all time and the movie proved to be a game-changer for CGI in film.

However, the film's sequel The Matrix Reloaded (2003) may have gotten a bit carried away with its near tripled budget size.

Though Neo stopping a ton of bullets with just one hand and parts of the epic highway battle are examples of the film getting its visuals right, it's hard to talk about Reloaded without mentioning that farcical 'Burly Brawl'.

When Neo was forced to take on a bunch of Agent Smith clones in a courtyard, few people were expecting to see one of the most unintentionally funny fist fights in sci-fi movie history. But, see it we did.

It was definitely admirable to attempt to pump this many versions of Hugo Weaving into a high octane punch up, but the resulting showdown became borderline unwatchable at times with its jarring cuts between authentic mixed martial arts combat and clunky slow motion CGI attacks.


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