10 Worst CGI Moments In DCEU History

9. Seven Deadly Sins - Shazam!

Justice League Superman Moustache
Warner Bros.

With Shazam! came a noticeable and definite shift in tone for the DCEU. It was lauded for its humour and almost Marvel-esque style, but while this was a breath of fresh air in a struggling franchise, it certainly had its flaws just like every movie before it.

The one aspect fans would have counted on being good before the movie released was Mark Strong’s villain, however even in spite of such a talented, seasoned actor, Dr. Sivana fell flat. This wasn’t helped by the Seven Deadly Sins, in particular their aesthetic.

The villain had the power to summon these other-worldly creatures, and while there was nothing inherently bad about them, they could have been so much more. This was an opportunity to bring something different and unique to the table, but instead they were essentially all just generic monsters that blended together, impossible to tell one from another.

Warner Bros. could have utilized the wonders of CGI to really make these beings stand out as they did in the comics, but instead they barely jumped off the screen. Their design was lazy, lackadaisical, and as uninspired as it gets.


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