10 WTF Superhero Movie Moments You Won't Believe They Got Away With

Spider-Man 3 Superhero movies, even those taking place in very real locations, are usually divorced enough from reality that pretty much anything goes; there's not a whole that's going to rile people up or make them feel as though the film has gone too far. However, every so often these films find a way to completely bemuse audiences - whether comic book nerds or casuals - with the absolutely ludicrous dialogues and actions they try to get past us. Whether dispensing with a well-known character trait, fielding out a cringe-inducing line of dialogue or simply having the audacity to do something truly daring, here are 10 WTF superhero movie moments you won't believe they got away with. Bear in mind, in some instances, "got away with" only constitutes "getting the film made", as opposed to surviving the horde of comic book geeks ready to pounce...

10. Superman Flies Around Earth To Reverse Time - Superman

Near the end of Richard Donner's excellent Superman: The Movie, Lois Lane dies, and Superman, stricken with grief, decides to do something, well, super about it. He opts to fly around the Earth, causing it to spin in the opposite direction on its axis, which turns back time and allows him to this time rescue Lois. It's one of those things I just took as a given as a kid, until I actually started paying attention in science class and realised how utterly ridiculous it was. This isn't rooted in even a smidgen of scientific fact, and is merely a creative little fancy that the filmmakers got away with surprisingly well. Of course, some will argue that Supes was really not reversing time but travelling faster than the speed of light which allowed him to travel back in time himself, and him flying around the Earth was essentially inconsequential. Whatever the actual answer, it's a loony plot device yet one which somehow fits the film perfectly.

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