10 X-Men Characters The Movies Totally Wasted

10. Nightcrawler

Obviously, the character of Kurt Wagner (but in the Munich circus, he was known as the incredible Nightcrawler) was one of the best parts of Bryan Singer's X-Men 2, with the opening scene that sees the blue mutant bamfing all over the White House one of the best set-pieces in the entire history of the franchise. The simple reason that Nightcrawler makes it onto this list is because the character made just one appearance in the X-Men movie universe, despite being such a memorable addition to the roster. Alan Cumming brings great depth and humanity to the devoutly religious and guilt-ridden mutant, as well as getting the chance to kick some serious ass. Nightcrawler should have been made into a core member of the big-screen X-Men given the overwhelmingly positive response to the character, but the role was reduced to a brief cameo in the shooting script for Brett Ratner's The Last Stand before being removed entirely, due to a lengthy make-up process that was deemed unnecessary for such a minor amount of screentime. Instead of bringing one of the more complex and interesting characters back into the fold, Nightcrawler's existence was just quietly ignored and X-Men 3 was populated with dull and forgettable mutants like Callisto, Multiple Man, Arclight and Kid Omega instead.

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