100 Greatest Movie Villains Of All Time

61. Captain Vidal - Pan's Labyrinth

Captain Vidal Played By: Sergi Lopez Firstly, Vidal is a fascist so he's placed in the corner of villains immediately but it is his fierce brutality that makes him such a great villain. Men like Vidal really did exist and Guillermo del Toro's masterpiece can be interpreted as a comment on fascism and the Spanish Civil War, but Vidal is wretched to the core. Vidal's actions are blunt, cruel and in his mind righteous and necessary which is what makes him such a monster - he believes what he's doing and the ideology he believes in is right. Vidal will kill anyone if it serves a purpose to him and he will kill anyone who offers nothing to him and I can't think of a better way of summing up the monster.

60. Emperor Commodus - Gladiator

Commodus Played By: Joaquin Phoenix Joaquin Phoenix has grown to arguably the finest actor currently working and his talent is greatly displayed in Gladiator - an average film improved by his unique take on the antagonistic Emperor. Commodus is a vile coward, who after murdering his father in anger at being denied rule of the Empire orders the murder of his rival's (Russell Crowe's Maximus) wife and child. He is overcome by jealousy for anyone thought to be greater than him and despite his hot temper he is an ice cold killer, leaving the bodies of Maximus' wife and child hanging for him to find. He's a spoilt little boy who never really grows up and it is a great moment when he finally receives justice.

59. Col. Hans Landa - Inglourious Basterds

Hans Landa Played By: Christoph Waltz Christoph Waltz has created a nice niche for himself because of his ability to play threatening and charming simultaneously and his talent has never been better demonstrated than in his breakout performance. Tarantino's film is widely uneven but when the self-proclaimed "Jew Hunter" occupies the screen it is an entertaining, tense picture. Landa's presence always comes accompanied with an unsettling menace as the Nazi is unpredictable and seems to serve no master other than himself judging by his willingness to always go with the best offer. The opening scene of the film is a masterclass is subtle acting as the tension mounts whilst Landa toys with his prey with violence rippling beneath the surface. Landa is charismatic, funny and dangerous and arguably Quentin Tarantino's best written character.
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