100 Greatest Movie Villains Of All Time

58. Hank Quinlan - Touch of Evil

Hank Quinlan Played By: Orson Welles Hank Quinlan is as corrupted as they come, loathsome and venomous but as always with Orson Welles, he is a charismatic and magnetic man that always commands your attention. Quinlan is a mountain of a man but this was before Welles' substantial weight gain and he padded his belly and wore additional make up for the role and the sheer size of the man adds to his intimidation factor. Quinlan is a relentless and determined man and goes to any lengths to catch criminals, but often he goes too far, bending the law and playing outside of his jurisdiction. The underrated noir masterpiece is one of Welles' greatest achievements - as both an actor and director - and his character is one of his most interesting and though he is an unpleasant man, he is captivating until his end.

57. Lord Voldemort - Harry Potter Series

Voldemort Played By: Ralph Fiennes As it is often stressed throughout the Harry Potter series Lord Voldemort is the evilest, cruellest and most powerful dark wizard in the entire history of the wizarding world. The number of lives that have fell to his hand is countless and he simply does not care how many have to die for him to have complete totalitarian power. Voldemort is also one of the most physically repulsive villains in cinema as his skin is scaly, his eyes are slits and he has no nose. Ralph Fiennes' powerful voice makes Voldemort a venomous villain and he has been at the forefront of pop culture for the best part of a decade and never losing his fright.

56. Tajomaru - Rashomon

Tajomaru Played By: Toshiro Mifune Tajomaru is one of cinema's most ambiguous villains - he is not a nice man, but in Akira Kurosawa's pioneering masterpiece, it is still left open to how evil he is accused of being. Mifune had an illustrious and storied career in partnership with Kurosawa and his raw performance as Tajomaru is one of his finest. Tajomaru is indeed a womaniser, but the brilliance of the movie is that his villainy can never be confirmed or denied as the various accounts create more mystery and contradiction. Rashomon gave the western world Japanese cinema and there could jot have been a better film or character to do so.
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