11 Actors Who Won't Be Coming Back For Upcoming Sequels

1. Johnny Depp - Pirates Of The Caribbean


For now, the status of the new Pirates Of The Caribbean film is still a little vague. The fifth film set up a direct sequel thanks to the stinger of Davy Jones reappearing (don't question it, just accept it), but Disney's new plan is to start telling new stories under the POTC banner.

Rumour has it, the sixth movie will be a reboot of sorts. In other words, they're going to continue making these movies, but they no longer want them to be all about Captain Jack Sparrow. They've effectively thanked Johnny Depp for his service and stated their intention to replace him as the star.

What It Means For The Film:

Well, up until the fifth movie, Jack Sparrow was very much the entire marketing pull for the franchise. That swung slightly with Dead Men Tell No Tales/Salazar's Revenge, as public opinion on Depp shifted, but it's still a bold move by Disney to assume that the franchise has appeal without its star character.

And there's surely no way they can recast Sparrow. He's too closely tied to Depp and even when he was straying into pantomime territory with his performance, he was still pretty effortlessly watchable. This franchise was his show. A reboot/continuation without him is as brave as it is potentially misguided.

Which of these movies are you most excited to see? Which characters would you have liked to see return? Share your thoughts below in the comments thread.


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