11 Best New Horror Movies For Halloween 2021

10. There’s Someone Inside Your House

Antlers Movie

Time for a quirky teen horror now with Netflix’s recent offering. Based around a killer who goes around murdering people whilst wearing masks of their victim’s face, the tone of this one is exactly what you’d expect from a Netflix high-schooler horror.

With a few comedic beats and plenty of gore in its kills, it makes for some easy watching if you’re after a fun night in. The killer isn’t satisfied with just snuffing out their victims, but insists on exposing their darkest secrets at the same time - which could prove devastating for protagonist Makani.

Its friendship groups and party scenes feel like any other cosy, cheesy horror of the past: a little bit Scream, a little bit It and a lot of fun. This isn’t a slow-burner relying on atmospheric scenery and spine-chilling sound design, it’s everything you want in a fast-paced, who-dunnit horror film.

As the friends rush to find who the killer is before they find their own secrets exposed (and of course, their lives brought to an end), we can sit back and relax watching a movie that takes no thoughtful engagement whatsoever - and I mean that in the best way.


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