11 Most Disgusting Movie Creatures Of All Time

10. Carnictis - King Kong

King Kong Andy Serkis

After the success of The Lord Of The Rings trilogy, Peter Jackson could do anything he wanted, so he chose to remake his favourite film King Kong. Sadly, while there’s a lot of good stuff in there, it’s also an undeniably bloated and self-indulgent affair; a King Kong remake does not need to be three hours long, Peter.

One area it excelled at was creature design, with the various forms of life on Skull Island being brought to horrific life. This includes mutant dinosaurs, giant insects, bats and most horrifying of all, the Carnictis. These Freudian nightmares live at the bottom of a chasm and are basically leeches that feed off the dead.

Lumpy the Cook learns too late these vile things don’t mind eating the living either; as he tries to fight them off they slowly gang up and trap him. Watching one of them swallow his head is potent nightmare fuel, and is enough to convince tourists to avoid the island as a potential holiday hotspot.

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