11 Most Disgusting Movie Creatures Of All Time

9. Alien Throwing Stars - Without Warning

King Kong Andy Serkis
Filmways Pictures

Without Warning is a horror B-movie from 1980, telling the story of a group of teenagers running from an alien hunter; Predator would feature a suspiciously similar concept around seven years later. This alien is a bit on the lazy side, though, so he does most of his hunting with throwing stars. These particular throwing stars are quite special since they’re actually living creatures themselves.

These toothy abominations latch onto a victim and then start injecting them with probing tentacles while feasting on their flesh. They’re a real pain to remove too since they have to be sliced open with a knife, and then painfully ripped off.

There’s something innately creepy about the design of this creature, and seeing these tiny beasts with mouths full of razor sharp teeth is eerie in the extreme.

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