11 Movies That Should Really Have Sucked (But Somehow Didn't)

10. Crank (2006)

crank You could probably show somebody a random clip from any Jason Statham movie and it'd be nearly impossible to identify which one it was - he plays the same character in every flick, after all, and does the same thing in all of them, too. They're impossible to differentiate, and as a result, most of them feel like generic action movies with nothing unique or special about them. Crank could have easily fallen into that category, and it very nearly does, except for the fact that it's so darn weird and bizarrely-realised that you wouldn't dare call it generic. Inspired by the beats of a video game, Crank sees Statham playing the ridiculously named Chev Chelois, a retired hitman who is injected with the plot of the movie Speed - that's to say, if his pulse drops below a certain speed, he dies. It's absurd, of course, and that's the point - it's also a movie that plainly should not have worked, but somehow manages to be relentlessly entertaining for the sum of its less-than 90 minute runtime.

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