12 Actors Whose Careers Were Destroyed By A Single Movie

11. Mike Myers - The Love Guru

Mike Myers The Love Guru
Paramount Pictures

The Actor: Despite visibly helming two successful comedy franchises (Wayne€™s World and Austin Powers), Mike Myers is best known for playing Shrek, a character it€™'s nigh on impossible to make out as him. What€™'s funny is that these three series aside, Myers, a highly regarded name in comedy, doesn't have many films to his name. His career was pretty much made on the back of Austin Powers, which he's seemed unable to follow on from.

The Film: Now technically this all started with The Cat In The Hat, but many chalked that up as a minor mistake to make a quick buck. It was with The Love Guru, with Myer€™s returning to adult comedy, that he really fell from grace. A putrid exercise in taking the easy route for laughs, audiences and critics despised it in equal measure. As writer and producer also, the faults were all on Myers.

What Happened Next: He'€™d already filmed a role as an English general for Inglourious Basterds (Tarantino felt like giving someone else a pointless cameo this time), but The Love Guru has literally spelled the end of his career. Shrek has finally stopped and with his last successful live action film over a decade ago, it looks like Hollywood have learned something they seem unable to with Will Smith and realised success in the nineties does not translate to success today.


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