12 Bafflingly High 2016 IMDb Scores You Will Not Believe

Deadpool is good, but is it 8.1 good?

Deadpool IMDb
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Review aggregators are always a tricky thing since film is so subjective. You may have loved Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, Alice Through The Looking Glass, or Ride Along 2 during 2016, but the likes of Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic will strongly disagree with you. If anything these sites show the ever widening gap between critics and the fanbase, with critics often praising movies audiences seem to hate, or the other way around.

IMDb is no stranger to odd film rankings either, and 2016 provided the site with plenty of divisive movies to try and sort a fair ranking for. This left some god awful movies with perfectly decent scores, while some great movies didn’t quite claim the numbers they deserved.

Again, that’s ultimately a matter of taste, but here we’ve collected a few movies from 2016 whose scores are frankly a little head scratching, and do little to bridge the aforementioned fan/critic gap.

12. The Accountant

Deadpool IMDb
Warner Bros.

IMDb Rating: 7.5

Critics had a lot of fun reviewing The Accountant, sprinkling their headlines with “The Accountant doesn’t add up” and so on. The title was the gift that kept on giving, and even though the film was far from a disaster, it's damn messy.

The film starred Ben Affleck as an autistic accountant who also works as an assassin, because we all need a hobby. The film treats autism like some kind of superpower, allowing him to be really good at maths and shooting dudes in the face. It takes itself somewhat seriously despite the silly premise, and while it’s got plenty of fine actors and good action, the film never clicks together properly.

In spite of this it has a very cosy 7.5 rating, and appears to have been much more a hit with viewers than critics. Suppose that’s the only thing that counts, really.


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