12 Bafflingly High 2017 IMDB Scores You Will Not Believe

12. Jigsaw (6.1)

Jigsaw Bucket

If its IMDB score is to be believed, the latest entry into the Saw franchise is the fourth-best movie in the series, scoring just barely behind Saw III's 6.2/10, but ahead of Saw VI (6.0), Saw IV (5.9), Saw V (5.8) and Saw 3D (5.6).

Though in fairness Jigsaw has just a fraction of the user votes that its predecessors do, it's still shocking that fans have been so generous to the new movie, which lazily recycles plot twists from prior films, is stunningly tame on the gore front, and keeps the franchise going in the most eye-rollingly perfunctory way possible.

The Score It Deserves: Granted, the latter half of the Saw franchise suffers from over-inflated scores across the board, but Jigsaw absolutely shouldn't be rocking anything above a 4.7.

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